owen & heskey eh

Great performance last night I thought from England and a superb win for Scotland in France. Sacre bleu that’s two demoralising losses for les bleus in a week. Now the French know what it’s like to be an England supporter. Not that I’m crowing because as we all know it could all go horribly wrong for both the England footie and rugby sides yet. Sad reverses for the lads in green and didn’t Bellamy’s Wales do brilliantly (I still think he’s a prick) but it’s all a bit late I guess.

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england play well shock

I was at friends yesterday watching England’s disappointing opening match in the rugby WC against the USA and so missed the vitally important Group qualifier football match between England and Israel which the heads of programming at ITV and BBC had scheduled at precisely the same time. What is the point of that? I cannot be the only person in the world interested in both events. Pricks.

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england calls up dad’s army

Well I’ve heard it all now. Following the embarrassing recalls of those old stalwarts Beckham, Campbell and James, McClaren’s really gone and done it for me now by recalling probably the least ineffective forward from recent times, Emile Heskey, who last played in the Euro Champs in 2004. So there we are a new beginning and direction from the Sven era and he’s resorting to picking not just the same team that Sven selected but now he’s going back to the guys Sven rejected years ago because they weren’t good enough at international level. As I said previously, Tom Finney’s a fabulous ex-international who’s currently got a window in his diary – come on Steve give the lad a shout. He used to be a bloody demon on that right wing and he could probably sort out that new bathroom too Steve through his plumbing business.

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frigging england rubbish

Well don’t really want to say I said so but that was frigging rubbish tonight. Issues:

– Micah Richards surely the best young defender in the country. Exposed and played DB off the field

– Paul Robinson surely not totally at fault for the goal. He got caught out by a wicked under-the-bar-cross that was never meant. What did James do when he came on?

– DB rubbish I thought in terms of effort. He’s crocked for christs’s sake.

– Why didn’t SRPhillips play on the right? How often does he play on the left? For f*cks sake McClaren.

– Why didn’t Gareth Barry replace Joe Cole directly on the left instead of into midfield?

– Owen rubbish and Smith too. What on earth is he (Smith) doing at NU?

– Dyer rubbish

– Crouch never touched the ball

That apart I thought McClaren had a great game. NOT!!!! There were no positives apart from Richards. Hopeless waste of time the whole thing. Please Brainiac B give somebody with a strategic sense of purpose a chance. I’ll happily do it for £50k and I promise I’ll not make these stupid frigging selections. Honest to god it’s just crap. Doesn’t anybody at the FA see it like we all do? I’m just so happy that NI got a result tonight. In fact, I’m pleased for Wales, Scotland and Ireland tonight who also had great results. What’s the chances Wembley will be full next match? Not good.


(don’t)…. come on england

Is it just me or is tonight’s match between England and Germany the least eagerly awaited in football history? I must be alone in thinking this because new Wembley’s full apparently. I’ll be checking in of course but I just don’t fancy this one. We’ve a lame-duck manager who’s having to pick a bunch of half-fit discards. None of the major clubs (all managed by non-English managers) see any reason to support the England cause and release their precious talent to McClaren’s safe-keeping. Few of the players seem bothered anymore about playing for their country anyway it seems. DB’s turned up but he’s manipulating the media coverage astutely as ever and the Quiff can now do nothing about it. Those 100 caps are nailed on even though he’s crocked, jet-lagged and playing in Disney league football.

Apart from the revenue for the FA, the fixture is meaningless and will have precious little bearing on the qualifying matches to come. Even the Germans seem disinterested by it all. Who’s their manager these days? Seen any coverage of him or the team this week? A bit, but it’s not what it was as a fixture. Maybe I’ll be surprised and we’ll get another cracker like the September 2001 5-1 thriller (which I missed at the time as we were on holiday in Italy – in fact I turned the Italian radio off after Germany went 1-0 up!). JP gave me his videotape of the match when I got back. What a game and perhaps the last time England played brilliantly? The Rooney v Croatia match was great but a one-man show I’d suggest.

Those were the days eh. In footballing terms 2001’s a special oddity.


mcclaren mangles it again

I wrote a long piece back on 9 July about how useless McClaren must be to lose a key player like Jamie Carragher through ham-fisted man management. Now we read McClaren’s desperate to bring Carragher back into the side because….he’s facing a crisis at the back. Ha! Well la-di-da. Of course it was impossible to see injury problems hitting Woodgate, King and Terry wasn’t it? Dufus.

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and so carragher brings it back to mcclaren

A lot of media coverage today of Jamie Carragher’s decision to turn his back on playing for England having become finally pissed off being consistently played out of position or, worse, being clearly treated as no better than 5th in line for his natural position. It’s a shame I think but you kind of understand it because…..

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