Rooney kids


So here’s the tweet from Wayne confirming the new member of the Rooney clan, Klay, brother of course to young Kai. Krikey that’s one kooky moniker for a kid don’t you think? How on earth did they kome up with that krazy Khristian name? Do you think they may like watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ a banal US tv show about a family all seemingly christened with names beginning with the letter K (apart from the son who’s called Rob, of course)? What other explanation is there?

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are pop stars eccentric?

Not quite the title of one of Gary Numan’s two hits but appropriate I hope. A nice feature today in the Independent’s property section on Gary’s choice of home – a Gothic-themed estate in Sussex. He’s clearly got some odd tastes – everywhere is painted red, he has swords hanging in the hallway and up the stairs (he’s a big fan of Lord of the Rings…) and underneath the stairwell sits a stuffed white Alaskan timber wolf. Eh? Well apparently he spotted it in an airport shop in Seattle, kids were climbing over it and he thought it was undignified. So, he did what any self-respecting animal rights activist would do – he bought it and brought it home to the wilds of Sussex with the intention of setting it in a tundra scene complete with ice and mural. That’s still to be built but never mind ‘he’s a happy wolf now’ accordingly to Gary. Continue reading

celebrity baby names; scintillating or cynical?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that Charlotte Church, who’d piled on a few pounds during her pregnancy, had a baby daughter on Thurs night/Friday morning. Good wishes to them. I really quite like Charlotte’s Cardiff-girl attitude. I’m not sure about Gavin’s preening but each to their own in the changing room. I have to say they make a handsome couple and she’s spunky and care-free in equal measure. Thing is, I noticed their annoyance in the media that Myleen Klass had beaten them to the name Ava for their daughter. Beaten them? It’s not like she can claim title rights. If you like the name, why not go for it too C and G?

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