pasta paulie tips for lasting fame

Well it will be interesting to see  what happens to the various contestants from X Factor. It’s not always the case that the winner goes on to achieve heady success. They may have had a bit of fame but who really cares now about Steve Brookstein (never argue with the man eh!), Shayne Ward and Leon Jackson? Do you remember Alex Parks who won Fame Academy with her own brand of lesbian angst – well what’s happened to her? And it’s sometimes the also-rans who achieve the bigger success; I read that JLS have out-sold Alexandra Burke massively this last year. And that rather odd-looking Rhyddian guy has been all over the press and tv these last few weeks. So nothing is for sure, especially in the wonderful world music/entertainment.   Continue reading

jade goody

I’m not going to say much about the death of Jade Goody. I didn’t particularly like the woman; I thought she was ill-educated, aggressive and quite charmless. I have to admit too that I was tempted to believe, cynically, that the announcement about her cancer problem was probably exaggerated to provoke news coverage and boost her earning capacity. Sadly, it seems I was completely wrong and she lost her life at 27, leaving two sons motherless on Mother’s Day.  That’s younger than my youngest daughter which is shocking. Continue reading

honours II

Nah it’s not the degree level I achieved (I wish) but a follow up to a very early posting I did back on 8 May ’07. In that I argued that they should be honouring Dario Gradi for his outstanding contribution to developing young football talent in this country. I also argued for posthumous knighthoods for people like Paisley, Clough and Ball, to which I would add Bobby Moore unhesitatingly, because of their inestimable contribution to the sport of football in England. I’ve gone all reflective because I’ve just been reading about the Queen’s birthday honours in the UK. And I ask myself how many of these awards are truly deserved?

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another italian tv horror

I’m not sure what the top Saturday night programmes are in the UK and USA at present – almost certainly they’ll involve Simon Cowell and, at the BBC, something altogether camper. But they’ll all have the search for the next BIG talent at their core. In Italy it’s not dissimilar – they’ve got their version of X factor and all that but the main early evening blockbuster on Rai Uno (the equivalent of BBC1) is a bizarre thing called ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone?’ which seems to translate as ‘Did I Leave A Song?’ which you’ve got to admit is an odd kinda title.

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blackpool v the stones

I heard a quirky little news item on the radio (online) tonight which made me a little nostalgic for the UK. The leader of Blackpool Town council, Christopher Thistlethwaite (actually that wasn’t his name, it was the name of a class friend at school but it sounds very Lancastrian), has just issued a civic decree renouncing the 44-year ban placed by the Town Fathers on the Rolling Stones preventing them from performing in the town. Eh?

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back to black for the brits

Well it was back to the dark days for the Brits award ceremony last night. What a shambles again. Did you see it? It was actually fun to watch and a lot more spontaneity about it over say the Grammies but if it was meant to be a showcase, it certainly succeeded in highlighting our amateurish production skills. I think the show is produced/directed by the woman who used to be a backing singer for Boy George which makes for an interesting qualification for the job. And to be honest some of the sets etc were fantastic. The skyscraper set for the Kaiser Chiefs was brilliant I thought, ditto the Mark Ronson set. His spot with Amy Winehouse singing Valerie was the best on the night in my view. And I thought the dance routine supporting Leona Lewis was just stunning. Oh and Kylie looked pretty damn hot all night. But that was about it for me in terms of highlights.

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One of the things that WordPress provides you with as blog site host is a bunch of daily stats about visits to your site, links through and search terms that people use in finding your site. There are certain search words that come up every day. I once did a posting about Fern Britton and Carol Vorderman entitled Sexy Ladies and unsurprisingly that’s one search expression which features a lot in my inbound list (and right across the internet I’d guess).

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steve harley; cock ‘n er..bull

I’d kind of forgotten about old Steve Harley to be honest. I’d occasionally caught his evening radio 2 show ‘Sounds of the 70’s’ but I found it a bit too self-indulgent – all that me and Charlie Watts were best mates stuff, grates very easily. Tell us something fascinating or even mildly interesting about the characters you’d met or don’t bother and just play the music is my attitude. I’d even caught him being a tipster on some radio show – he’s a big fan of the horses by all accounts. So why this posting? Well the Independent did a 5 minute interview with him this morning – he gets a free plug out of it for his and Cockney Rebel’s upcoming UK tour. It was very short but knee deep in bullsh*t. Continue reading