forza meelan

So Milan get revenge tonight against Liverpool in the Champions League, which looked to me to be about the fair result. Liverpool look a great team in need of a true quality striker and I’d be very surprised if Rafa doesn’t get the funds to make a major signing in the next week or so. Little Tevez might be the man to come in with any number of players on the way out, Bellamy and Fowler for sure, Kewell and Zenden maybe, Gonzalez and Garcia possibly etc. But if you do sign Tevez, Rafa please don’t get rid of Crouch. The two of them playing in tandem would be just wonderful to watch – like Arnie and De Vito in Twins. I bet they’d be handy too.

This is only a brief posting for a change but I couldn’t close off without commenting on the shock I felt at the extent of the injury to Inzaghi when that ball bounced up and hit him in the stomach. He was in agony poor lamb. Surely they ought to have given him life-restoring surgery at pitch-side or morphine at the very least. Strangely though he did look remarkably well after he’d scored that second goal. So brave and yet it must have been terribly agonising for him to leap those barriers and lap up the adulation of the meelan fans when the final whistle went.

Big girl.