voting fiascos – phone the BBC, ITV, GMTV, Channel 4, Channel 5

Is it just me or are you angry too about all the revelations over irregularities in premium rate phone calling/voting patterns affecting some of the most popular programmes from our national tv broadcasters? The BBC and Channels 4 & 5 have all been found to have cheated/misled their audiences. Even Sky, who have taken a lofty position over the issue, had to admit last week to ‘technical problems’ that had caused one of their contestants on Cirque du Celebrite to be wrongly evicted. Yesterday the Deloitte audit into 60 ITV programmes found ‘serious editorial issues’ over the way premium/voting lines had been managed. Some £7.8m will need to be refunded by the company as ‘problems’ were identified with more than 10m calls from viewers. Mind you that pales in comparison with the irregularities involving 25m calls to GMTV, who were recently fined £2m by Ofcom for ‘widespread and systemmatic deception’. You or I would be standing before a magistrate by now. Continue reading

taxi for lovejoy

As you can tell I’m catching up with things back in the UK as quickly as I can but one programme on the telly has left me speechless in its awfulness. Is it just me or is Tim Lovejoy’s new programme, the obsessively-titled David Beckham’s Soccer USA, a pile of crap? I’ve written before about how much I enjoy watching Lovejoy especially on the massively irreverent Soccer AM. A programme designed to promote Sky’s football output clearly but one which broke the mould – allowing fans to celebrate what’s great, awful and funny about the game and to produce and star in their own programme. But this DBSUSA rubbish is an appalling rip off.

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