Oh joy of joys. Did you hear that that great homophobe/misogynist Mr Potato Head is making a comeback on radio? I know seems unlikely after t’Yerkshire gimp was kicked out of Radio 1 three years ago for calling a spade a gay shovel and failing to cut it as a stage actor (titter) or tv sleb. But now Xfm Radio has been re-launched as Blerks’ RadioX and 42 year old PH (or to give him his native American name, Dresses Like a Farmer, Eats Like a Pig) has been recruited to do his dj thang once again playing music and discussing topics with no appeal whatsoever to the ladeez. Like Vindaloo and Leeds Utd’s most admirable managers.  Oh and they’ve recruited Chris Moyles too.

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oh I like it when they respond

Regular readers will know that from time to time I’ll write something complimentary about people in the media spotlight. And sometimes I might write something which is a little less flattering about celebrity A or politician B or desperate wannabee/has been C (surely not, I hear you cry). And just occasionally the targets of my acidic little critiques will stumble across my posting as they Google their name, no doubt in the vain search for public adoration. And a few are confident enough to come back and give as much as they get via the comments box. I love that. Continue reading

really annoying people

I’ve been catching up with lots of UK tv as you can tell from recent blogs and whilst it is immeasurably better than Italian telly in terms of general quality (although nothing comes close to matching their presenters), it’s still full of truly annoying people. And I’m sure it can’t be just me.

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moyles going down

Did you see last week’s Rajar figures covering radio listening figures for Q3? Radio 2’s Wogan show was down around quarter of a million listeners, J Ross down around 200k and Radio 5 Live’s overall results the lowest for 7 years. So a bad day at the office for the increasingly pressured BBC. But nothing gave me a warmer feeling than to see that the self-proclaimed ‘saviour’ of Radio 1, old potato-head Moyles, had lost 280k listeners in a single quarter. He’s been on every day time chat-show around over the last couple of months too which makes me smile even more. For 3 months at least, every critic of his will be spared those late night messages from Qwerty 08 reminding us that farmers pants Moyles was attracting no less than 8M listeners to his Radio show and demanding that we ‘do the math’. Well you’re going to have to change that line CM. Over 7.71M listeners is still good but it’s not as snappy now eh Moylesey?


le ross v le moyles

I’m not sure why I’ve reverted to French there in the headline. But tonight the Moyles was a guest on the Jonathan Ross show. He was the sandwich filling between A1-ish Hollywood film stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Ewan Mcgregor, and his motor bike mate. Now I don’t normally watch JR; I don’t find his sense of fun/talent to be worth anything like £18m of licence payers’ money to be honest. Is it just me? I know this sounds like I don’t like anybody at the BBC but that’s simply not true. There are many great presenters, and I’ll get back to you with my list.

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Debbie does Moyles

My regular newspaper is the Independent and I always enjoy reading the Deborah Ross interview in the Saturday magazine. Yesterday’s feature was an interview with Chris Moyles, who as you’ll know from previous postings, isn’t my favourite radio personality. But I was intrigued to find out how DR viewed him – she writes as she finds but always allows her subjects the opportunity to have their say about themselves. Often their own words are the most telling. The first headlined quote from him, for example, was ‘there are people who think I’m rude and nasty, but I don’t think I am’. It kind of set the tone for the piece. Continue reading

gaunty v the moyles

I was listening to redneck radio the other morning and heard John Gaunt, the Talksport mid-morning shock-jock, having a pop at Radio 1’s early show darling Chris Moyles. By all accounts this is a media scrap which has been brewing for a while. They’ve both accused the other of being sensationalist (though naturally they both used smaller words) and basically unworthy of hogging so much precious air-time. Talk about pot and kettle.

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chris evans v the moyles v jo whiley

Is it just me or has Chris Evans really turned into a beezer radio broadcaster. I’ve been catching his drive-time programme on Radio 2 and it’s bloody good. He’s funny, interesting, lively, upbeat and has dropped that posse or zoo format, whatever they call it, with loads of so-called mates piled into the studio to create a false blokely atmosphere. It ruined his earlier spell at Radio 1 and Virgin I reckon. Having a bunch of sycophants around just seems to create misguided illusions of the presenter’s talent. On his current programme Evans drives the show single-handedly – apart from the production team and traffic/sports etc guys – and he is far better flying solo. In fact he’s a revelation, chatting to callers and seeming to be really interested. Continue reading