newchucklebros united

Well I’m sorry Lawrie and other NU fans but for the rest of us it’s thoroughly enjoyable watching developments at St James’. It could be a melt-down as I keep saying, then again they have the talent and the resources and incredible fan support to get themselves out of their current mess. I suspect the world has moved on faster than KK realised upon saying yes to the challenge. That may have been Ashley’s one big mistake so far but it wouldn’t take much to change things I suppose. Whether he could resist offering the job to Shearer I don’t know. It looks like they might have to just go down the Shearer road to get it out of their system once and for all. Otherwise he’ll always be there in the background like a malign spectre for every struggling manager, a bit like Busby was for a succession of managers who followed him without success at Old Trafford. Continue reading