Top 10 films

Well here’s the thing. I was inspired by my sister Hel to write about the top 10 albums which most meant something to me and it triggered some nice response, even if I could only get it down to a top 12.  So I thought I’d extend the artistic idea to write about the 10 films which have most significantly impacted upon me too. I’ve written around 1000 postings on this blog site and having checked through my search facility, I was amazed to find I’ve never written about this before now. I’m sure I must have done somewhere but no worry I’ve done a fresh list below. One big problem; I couldn’t get it down to a top 10 again. In fact I couldn’t even get it to a top score. I’m sorry I’m hopeless I know but it’s my website so tough titties. Here they are the 23 films that have meant something important to me in some way… Continue reading


‘Tis the season to be Neeson

Well the summer’s here (or on the way hopefully) and it’s time for the summer blockbusters at the cinema. We actually went to see one the other day with our grandson Georgie – Toy Story 4. It was our first visit in years and we enjoyed it. But the movie being promoted madly on our tv screens at the moment is a little harder-edged than Disney/Pixar are offering. It’s the annual action revenge thriller starring Liam Neeson, Cold Pursuit. You know the plot; in response to something awful happening to one of his family he embarks upon a killing spree to seek retribution. It’s summed up by his words, ‘I will have blood for blood’. And he does, finding ever more gruesome ways to despatch his enemies. Here’s the toned down trailer ….

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who wants to be a… milliner?





I know it’s all that the media have been going on about for the last week but here’s the thing; we went to see Slumdog Millionaire last week-end and it was brilliant. No, it was bloody brilliant.  C and I haven’t been to the cinema since we went with good friends M and J some 5 or 6 years ago. Things have changed – it was a multiplex Vue cinema in sunny Staines (we were expecting the worst) and you know what, the place was excellent; big comfortable seats, perfect sight lines, great sound system, friendly staff, easy book-ahead system. Surely the film was going to prove a disappointment…..oh no.

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dead of night

Whilst ordering some DVDs from Amazon (more Gilmore Girls and Sopranos series – see previous posting) I also spotted a film I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, Dead of Night. It was made just after the war by Ealing studios. The accents and the acting are a little comic but it’s far from being a comedy. It relates a series of chilling dream sequencies and ghost stories from a gathering of country house guests. I was 7 or 8 when I first saw it and it really frigging spooked me.

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