Back on 12 June I did a posting about the state of the pool and how we were desperately trying to get it emptied and cleaned so that we could enjoy it again. But we kept hitting problems – the need to cut up the cover to get it out of the pool, the rains that came in mid-June and re-filled the deep end, the lining that came away from the sides, my double-ducking in the gloop etc. So we called on good-looking pool guy Andrea for advice and his guys have been here the last two days getting things sorted for us. Continue reading

what’s the italian for birdcrap?

Well we’re just back from our first visit to Italy since May. We were desperate to get some time there before the summer was over – they’ve been having a heatwave and in England it’s been just rubbish weather all summer. Apart from that we needed to check all was ok with the house etc plus we were taking our grandson S for some quality time with him. It was quite a visit….

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