NHS; the good, the crazy and the comm’s overload

So I’ve not been posting for a while. I always admit that this thing comes and goes like our bloody weather. But I’ve had an excuse as I’ve been under the weather a tad. I posted a few weeks ago about a painful back/chest condition which necessitated a visit to my local A&E where I was diagnosed with something called costochondritis – an inflammation of the breastbone area. It was nothing too serious and I was prescribed with painkillers and ibuprofen. But after 3 weeks I felt no better, in fact the pain was worse. In the meantime I received a letter from Chelsea And Westminster Hospital Trust, who handled all my cancer surgery and chemo treatment and follow up, that due to a change in Trust guidelines, my colonoscopy procedure scheduled for 20121 had been cancelled. Nothing more than that other than if I had issues I should take it up with my GP. Oh, thank you and good night.

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txting; dnt mke me lol…

I’m sure they must run classes to teach kids all these annoying short-hand codes for their texting. I guess the need to compress messages within the limit of 160 characters had a lot to do with it. I have to admit that I tend to use some text shorthand too but different from this gr8 stuff. More of that in a second. But here’s a little fact for you to show you what a man of foresight I really am. One of the guys who developed the SMS standard was a guy from Cellnet called Kevin Holley and back when I was Head of Marketing there, I was shown this new and additional way of communicating by mobile phone. Despite being a lot cheaper than a voice message I still found it unlikely to believe that anyone, other than our engineers, would choose to resort to typing a message  when they could just simply call and speak to someone. Didn’t they know that mail was dead? Spanner-heads – pah! Within 15 years 4 trillion SMS messages were being sent each year.  A multi-£billion business in its own right. Er  oops…

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lost weekend

How do you get by without online access these days. It’s purgatory isn’t it? We’ve been having a few niggles on our broadband connection for a while (service just disappearing for a few minutes several times a day) so I called Zen our SP and BT, line provider. BT first, the company I worked for for more than 30 years and who installed all my internal wiring/extensions/bb connections etc as part of my package. First off it took for ever to actually speak to someone and when eventually I did, they told me they tested the line from the exchange and there wasn’t a problem on it. But if I wanted an engineer round to check things out it’d cost me £116 if the fault was anything beyond the first junction box. So any problem in the wiring installed by BT is my fault? Yep! Ummm. I thought better of it but immediately after I rang off an extension just ceased working as did my BB line, just like that. Continue reading

telecom italia

This message was originally sent as part of an e-mail to friends in July 2006.

I think most people would have got the message that I had left BT at the end of April 2006, figuring that after 30 years with one company it was time to show some ambition. The plan was a) to spend the summer getting our new home in Italy sorted and b) to establish my marketing consultancy to allow me to work online and earn some money, maybe. The Paul Leonard Consultancy (www.paulleonard.net) is at long last a reality but it took several months of increasingly frustrating contacts with Telecom Italia to get our phone and online links realised. Had I found a more unloved telecomms organisation than BT….?

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