May Day Part 2

There must be something in the local water because I’ve now come across the Town Clerk of nearby Buckingham giving us his own Fb morris dance to welcome in May Day, whilst carefully observing social distancing (of course). Enjoy my namesake’s performance too…


May Day

Well time’s marching on and we’re into May now. Boy I’ll be glad when this is all over and we can visit people again and talk to each other without a plastic screen between us. Hey ho. It’s another showery day which does nothing for my mood as you know. But I had to smile when I came across this Facebook posting from a local Brackley chappie celebrating May Day. He must have been out very early into our local market square as it was posted at 5.45am. Wow. He’s obviously a cheerier soul than me. I pass no judgement other than to say enjoy Neil’s performance!


let’s dance

As Duncan Thicket might say, have you nerticed how many programmes there are on prime-time TV about dancing? The schedules have gone absolutely dance crazy. The daddy of them all, Strictly Come Dancing, has spawned many bastard children; ITV’s Dancing on Ice, ┬áSo You Think You Can Dance also from the BBC (featuring as a judge the heavily re-treaded Arlene Philipps), Sky’s Got to Dance fronted by a leotarded Davina McCall and Channel 4’s Only When I Dance. Channel 5 must feel like they’re missing out on a huge wave of popular culture and as we speak are probably holding commissioning meetings through the night to try and decide what their ‘innovative and different’ dance formula will be.

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