enough already, denise

I wrote the other day about an annoying trend by the TV companies to have their main presenters showcase several shows. As if there wasn’t any new talent out there. On top of that I’ve noticed  a similar tendency for all the broadcasters to get their popular ‘stars’ on as many shows as possible. So we see the likes of Denise Welch, who was for several years acting against type as the flirty barmaid in Corrie, playing a regular role on daytime panel show Loose Women as the loosest of the lot,  featuring in the drama series Waterloo Rd, then as a contestant on the current series of Dancing on Ice and tonight I saw her and hubby appearing on a trailer for the forthcoming comedy series Benidorm. And of course she features on every damn chat show as her celebrity status as the boozing, snorting, partying 52 year old in all the sleb mags and other media grows by the day. It seems to be a deliberate policy of finding a viewers’ favourite then re-cycling him or her throughout the schedules over and over again like a bit of old plastic. Continue reading


aw kuphooeyckz!

I should create a new category of postings called ‘Have You Nerticed?’ after one of my comic heroes, the failing observational stand-up Duncan Thickett (aka Steve Coogan of course). I just can’t help but notice little foibles and physical quirks that we all exhibit unknowingly. And the tiny little things people say almost unwittingly which give away their true feelings. Oooh er.  Continue reading