the pp blog challenge

I was re-reading the posting I did the other day about ‘Nov over’ where I mentioned that the pp blogsite had 200 postings on it now and had attracted over 8,000 viewings (thank you again). Given that I’m in the mood for some blogging at the moment I thought I’d challenge myself to get past the 250 postings mark by end December and to see if we can achieve the 10,000 viewing before year end. I’ve recently added a a blog stats reader on the right hand column so that visitors can gauge progress. Regular readers will know how much I like number symmetry and this would be a very satisfying result. Last month was my lowest level for postings at 20 though it delivered the highest visits at just over 2000. I managed 44 postings in September so 50 during December with all its distractions will be a real challenge. Continue reading