mad mo and miserable macca

It might be just me but I was intrigued by some of the news reports this morning. Firstly Mohamed Al Fayed at last had his day in the dock and he didn’t disappoint did he? What a fantastic blast he had at the Establishment. He believes that Prince Philip is a Nazi (you’ve clearly been practicing the salute Mr AF) and a racist which is probably stretching reality just a little bit (but not much) but more fascinatingly he also maintains the PP was assisted by a small group of conspirators in an MI6 plot to take out Diana and his son in that infamous car crash in the Paris underpass. Supporting PP by his reckoning were Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Jonathan Powell, Robin Cook, Lord Fellowes, Lord Jay, Lord Stevens, Lord Condon, James Andanson, Henri Paul, Herve Stephan, Lord Mishcon, Dominic Lawson, Rosa Monckton, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and the very queenly Paul Burrell in cahoots with MI5, the French Secret service, the CIA and the Parisian ambulance service no less. Yes they were all involved. Now that’s what I call a conspiracy theory. Quite delusional, perhaps even howling at the moon mad, but I’d award him a British passport for giving the British judicial system its best day of fun seen since Ken Dodd beat that tax rap. Top marks Mr Al Fayed (and pasta paulie isn’t my code name in the Italian secret service…. or is it?).

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