Bar manners


Earlier this week I was watching the C4 tv programme ‘Very British Problems’ based on the book by Rob Temple. It describes our national tendency for unnecessary apologising, an obsessive interest in correct queuing etiquette and dramatic sighing in the presence of loud teenagers on public transport. I read that it was hilarious – a bit like Grumpy Old Men but with cutting irony so I thought I’d give it a go.  Well I nearly laughed…er that’s it.

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Look at this….a lovely bottle of Vimto, a cordial made from a secret blend of blackberries, grapes and raspberries and some special herbs and brewed oop north for t’last 100 years and more.  It’s like the northern equivalent of Coca Cola and, yes, there is a carbonated version now and a shiny new logo style too (which I don’t really like if truth be told).  It’s what we grew up drinking as kids and just recently we’ve  introduced it to our two grandsons. A bit of Lancs DNA in a bottle. And they love it, naturally. They aren’t exactly talking with flat vowels just yet but it was amusing to hear our eldest grandson asking for another glass of that really tasty stuff ‘Vomit’. Ah spoken like one or two Blackpool lads I used to know. Makes you raht proud. And as Paul Daniels might have said  if he’d spent less time in hospital and more time studying, ‘Now that’s Metathesis’ …….

Metathesis (English pronunciation: /məˈtæθəsɪs/; from Greek μετά-θε-σις, from μετα-τί-θη-μι “I put in a different order”: Latin trānspositiō) is the re-arranging of sounds or syllables in a word, or of words in a sentence. Most commonly it refers to the switching of two or more adjacent sounds.



remember this ad?

I seem to be in an ad watch frenzy at the moment. Listening to the radio this morning I heard an ad for Andrews air conditioning. I wasn’t paying too much attention until I heard the pay-off line anytime, any place, anywhere. Now call me old-fashioned but that line surely belongs to the Martini brand from their brilliant ads from the 70’s. Remember all those jet-setting locations, power boats and beautiful people all slurping this sophisicated latin aperitif? I can just about remember the refrain:

Anytime, any place, anywhere
There’s a wonderful drink you can share

It’s the bright taste, the right taste
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