Road trips

So last week we headed up to collect Carol’s brother Colin from Lancashire and then headed over, for a few days away, to a little place called Crookham Eastfield up in Northumberland. It’s very close to the River Tweed on the English-Scottish Borders and it’s a lovely, fertile and peaceful part of the world, rich in places to visit.

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Driving Me Crazy


Driving eh. I used to do well over 40,000 miles a year when I was in business (a lot of it the daily 4.5 hour commute from Buckingham to C London and back) and, believe it or not, pretty much enjoyed all of it. I’ve always been a guy who loves to drive. Until the last year or so….

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catching up

Well it’s been weeks since the last posting – these blogging breaks seem to be becoming a feature of the site – so a quick catch up on recent stuff might be helpful. First off it’s been busy-ish on the work front, especially for C, but the main diversion has been a brilliant two week break over at our place in Italy. For once a holiday rather than a work camp!

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on the road again

Well I’ve been trying to keep up with regular postings of late but have got a bit side-tracked over the last few days what with work stuff and a week-end visit up to the People’s Republic of Yorkshire to the christening of our great friends L&S’s grand-daughter Molly Rose. Lovely name, beautiful baby, great do and  a welcome chance to catch up with all our family too. My super grandsons seem half a year older each time I see them. Sigh, I’m ageing at twice the rate of a 30 year old and it’s becoming more rapid I sense. Anyway I’m off to Italy with R for a couple of weeks to oversee some landscaping/building work at our MdF home. Two days drive ahead but hopefully a lot of sun on the back as I mix concrete, lay gravel, stain wood, decorate some rooms and refresh some pine furniture. If I get chance to write a few postings too it’ll be a miracle but I’m sure I’ll be blogging with aching back and heart as I miss the end of the Premiership season and the General Election. Will it be a a red or blue success in either case? We’ll see eh. Until then, ciao amici.


great car journies

I was reading one of the travel supplements over the week-end (pretty sure it was in the Independent) about some of the world’s best car journies. I have to admit that I haven’t driven through Asia, the sub-continent, the bulk of Africa, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Oh and South America. So many of the recommendations were a little beyond my personal experience. But I am pleased to say that we had driven a number of the routes and just loved each one of them. I could scratch them from my personal list of things to do before I die but would actually prefer to do them again if chance allowed.

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the drive down to Italy


Well we’re  back from an eventful short stay in Italy but more of that later.  I just wanted to write about the journey because

a) I always do and

b) I need to share all the little mishaps that always seem to happen to us on the trek to pasta land.

There’s an inevitability about this, a bit like groundhog giorno, and I can’t help but wonder if the Gods of Wicked Fun have now run out of other poor saps and just get their entertainment throwing curve balls our way. Ah well, it keeps me topped up with things to write about. Continue reading

back in the UK Sr.

Well we’re back in the UK for a spell chasing some work and all that. The drive back was, as ever, eventful though happily not dramatic. We got away late as I was up till 2 am  the night before doing some urgent work for a client. We then had to pack the car up in the morning and get the house all cleaned up/locked up which took longer than I had anticipated. I also needed to get the tyres, oil and water etc checked  at our local garage in Servigliano and also pick up R’s repaired glasses so we finally headed off around 1pm and needed to make Strasbourg, getting on for 600 miles away. I was already jaded and wasn’t really looking forward to it, truth be told.

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driving; swiss crazy

I like driving. After many years of commuting, totting up over 40k miles a year, it’s just as well. My long-distance eyesight’s slowly deteriorating however, and increasingly I tend to suffer from a bit of eye strain when driving at night. But that apart I still enjoy the experience. Mostly. The only exceptions are driving on the M25 during rush hours and the bloody journey through Switzerland …. Continue reading