Conservative Party leadership contest

Well to be honest it’s not one of the elections that I get too involved in – the contest for the next leader of the Tory party. But let’s face it, this’ll be 3rd time(?) in recent history that a  Premier is elected without a vote from the people and something tells me that can’t be right. Whilst the members of either main (or indeed any) party can elect who they like to lead them, surely the victor cannot assume automatic rights to be PM without a general election. It’s just not constitutional. Christ we could end up with Jeremy Hunt as our leader on the world stage. Arghhh. And whilst I’m on the subject I think that if the Queen were to abdicate, then we should have a referendum on who should succeed her. That’d rattle a few Establishment cages eh but at least we might end up with a youthful monarch with young kids, lovely wife and contemporary views on life (unless folks voted for Princess Anne I suppose ho ho ho). Let the people have their say, I say (except they got it a bit wrong in the EU referendum but we can correct that please baby Jesus).

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Politics eh


Ah remember when life was full of hope and expectation? Apparently smiley Ed was writing his thank-you-for-the-keys-to-No-10 speech when those amazing BBC exit poll figures came out on election night forecasting a strong win for the Conservatives. It seems incredible now but all the smart money was on Miliband being invited by HRH to head up a coalition Government with the SNP. I’d love to know what happened to that draft.

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Interesting day

Well a truly interesting day. I picked up a message this morning from WordPress, the platform providers for my blog site, that it’s exactly 8 years since I started writing and ranting as Pasta Paulie, when we moved to Italy. Blimey. Around 845 separate posts, something over a million words and almost 280,000 visits later I’m still doing it and a few people still check by – thank you so much for your perseverance folks.  I’m now writing for a living as many will know – you’d have thought I’d have run out of opinions by now. No chance. Continue reading

move over mugabe

I see that later today Robert Mugabe is to be announced the winner of the run-off election for the  Presidency of  Zimbabwe, having seen his only rival Morgan Tsvangarai withdraw his candidacy following intimidation. This would be his 5th term and if he serves out the full 6 years, he’ll be 84 when he finishes. By which time he might have completed  his Zimbabwean revolution,  delivering all white-owned land and property to native black Zimbabweans. Of course by then the country will be completely bankrupt, the people starving and the only folks with any wealth will be his political cronies. Continue reading

iowa caucus

Looks like an anagram of i c u (U!) as a cow. Sorry that’s the best I can do but is it reflective of what the voters may have secretly thought about Hilary Clinton in the first round of voting for the Democratic nomination for the next President of the US? A bit harsh I know and sorry H if you ever (as if) get to read this. But the fact is Hilary’s personna is cold, cynical and calculating. This is the woman who put up with Bill’s many indiscretions and then recruited him as her prime selling point. It’s almost like he’s been there and done her but together we’ve Been there and Done the job. We know what’s what and how it works. We are Mr and Mrs RealCinikPolitik.

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