People who hail from Buttcrack Fullerfurze

It’s an odd title for a posting I grant you but I promise you it’s a real place. In my imagination. A place where annoying tv people with big egos, scant GCSE’s, weird personalities, a misguided sense of their sexual appeal (and occasionally hazy sexuality) and a strange style sense all live. Continue reading


unbelievably bad tv soap drama shock

Is it just me or is the quality of UK soaps sinking fast into an abyss of awfulness. Eastenders is just grim watching. Nothing amusing ever happens unless Ian Beale’s called upon to do something dramatic. The other week I witnessed a plot-line which saw a pregnant non-married young woman acting as surrogate for a pair of Walford yuppies, kidnapped by the woman doctor who was one of the surrogacy benefactors, tied to a bed with handcuffs and threatenned with having the womb slit open and the baby snatched from her. Now I may have got a bit of the story wrong but not a lot. It’s not exactly light and frivollous is it? And the story-lines seem to run for ever. I catch an episode every month or so but I’m sure Phil (lookie likey pasta paulie 5 points) the bruiser Mitchell was going out with the psychopathic woman torturing his little rabbit of a kid, before we went to Italy. R tells me it’s all coming to a head at the moment. Wow; Italy has witnessed 4 changes of government and 3 eruptions of Mt Etna and won a World Cup in the meantime. Mamma mia.

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