international crisis

The news is terribly depressing. Yet again we see a situation developing where it seems impossible for the two sides to reconcile their differences. There are claims and counter-claims about who caused the initial attacks but it hardly matters as the situation on the ground has deteriorated rapidly. There have been rumours of reconciliation talks but it seems clear that neither side is willing to back down publicly. The depth of the rift has become more pronounced over recent weeks and many people have been shocked at the open hostility and brinkmanship. Despite the best efforts at mediation it has become apparent that a quick resolution to the crisis is now unachievable. So the inevitable has happened and now both Pietersen and Moores have gone and English cricket shoots itself in the foot once more. Those Aussies must be deeply upset.


spilling the beans

Have you caught the stuff in the press these last few days about those at the very top of our primary sports criticising each other? In the Sundays we saw both Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt (both of whom I have lots of time for) criticising the England team manager Brain Ashton for his ineffective leadership during the RWC, in their autobiographies released now they have announced their retirements from the international game. This came on the heels of former England cricket team coach, Duncan Fletcher, announcing in his autobiography that his captain during the disastrous Ashes series, Freddy Flintoff, was irresponsibly pissed for much of the time. Continue reading