Well these were some of the gloriously happy scenes that greeted England’s victory over Sweden on Saturday, repeated up and down the country. We watched the match at my brother’s place and what a super day. And  it happened the day after my lovely sis H got married to J which was also a great day. So a fantastic few days eh, especially for us. But the great thing is the effect England’s progress is having generally. Everyone seems to be up for it and excited at the prospect of tonight semi-final against Croatia. Shop assistants, waiters, check out girls. Everyone wants to know where are you watching it. I guess it’s that history in the making thing. Well at least potentially because a loss tonight will be gutting. Well except for maybe a few people in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia etc etc.

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England lose, shock



So just when you thought your country was having a bad day, we went and topped it with a bloody display against Iceland in the Euro Championships which was abject. No that’s not strong enough. Over the years, watching England at major Championships since 1966 (with the exception of 1970 and 1996) has been utterly disappointing and depressing. But Monday’s performance was just the worst ever. It was shameful. And the Welsh football team were filmed laughing at us in celebration. Yes mocking from Wales, who last graced a major tournament when Perry Como had a hit with Magic Moments ie back in the Middle Ages.

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A boorish, bungling freeloader…

Oh dear it’s not a very flattering description is it, but there’s more. The comments on this particular person were released this week by members of the diplomatic service via WikiLeaks and the Daily Mail. We learn that the person was described as ‘cocky’ and ‘rude’ by a U.S. ambassador as he carried out his duties as Britain’s special trade representative to the Middle East. Colleagues put this behaviour down to an inferiority complex about being mentally challenged – something of a family trait. This may be a slight exaggeration, but his attitude certainly drew attention to the fact that he was invariably out of his depth at meetings.

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last word on the 2018 fiasco

As strap lines go, it’s a doozie. But can you name me one person in the whole world who believes it? Nah. If you crossed out the last word and substituted the words “the guys’ bank accounts” it might be a little closer to the actual truth.

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clueless in cape town

That’s it Wayne, have a rant at the England fans. How shameful of them to boo the England team following the abject performance against Algeria last night after some 30,000 of them had spent £1000’s to come out to support you and the rest of the England team. I tell you what son, after your hopeless performance I would have been seriously minded to keep my mouth shut other than to apologise for playing possibly your worst match in an England shirt. And with that outburst I think we can see why you’ll never be fit  to fill the captain’s boots worn by the likes of Moore, Charlton, Adams etc. Continue reading

john terry’s secret’s out

So the captain of the England team has been banging his team mate and great friend Wayne Bridge’s partner. What a class act eh. I wrote back on 26 March 2008 (Cap’n Rio posting) that I thought John Terry would make a lousy choice for the captaincy because of his boorish personality. Since being appointed the dutiful husband and proud father of two youngsters has been witnessed drunkenly urinating on a nightclub floor, been accused of accepting cash incentives to take fans around Chelsea’s private training facilities, been embarrassed to ‘discover’ that his agent was hawking his England captaincy credentials around the internet in the search for more personal sponsors, seen his mother accused of shoplifting and father accused of cocaine dealing. Now it seems that he’s lost the respect of his club team mates and all the key England squad members for breaking the last of the moral codes of the professional footballer; and let’s face it its not exactly the world’s longest book is it? It saddens me to think that a near-neanderthal is ‘gracing’ the post once held with such pride and class by the inimitable Booby Moore. Surely the time has come for the FA and manager Capello to remove Terry from the captaincy if not the team. Let me know what you think.


beckham gets his 100th cap

This is just a short posting about last night’s England game v France. I didn’t see the match over here in Italy, unsurprisingly they were focused on the international against Spain. So I can’t comment as an eye-witness. But I have read a lot of online reports and been listening to UK radio all day so I can get a picture of how it went.

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cap’n rio

What do you make of the appointment of Rio Ferdinand as England’s captain for tonight’s match against France? For one thing it shows yet again that Capello is his own boss. I admire the fact he’s dropped Terry from the role because he didn’t think his recent haranguing of the referee was appropriate behaviour for an England captain. It doesn’t necessarily mean Terry’s forever out of favour; as with Beckham’s re-selection for this squad (and after being dropped at Real) he’s prepared to be forgiving and pragmatic once the players have learned their lesson. It’s a bit schoolmasterish but hey, after the indulgence by Sven GE and the faux mateyness of Quiff McClaren, it’s exactly what these over-paid, self-absorbed and irresponsible footballers need. I don’t think anyone’s going to cross this guy lightly.

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