Totally Thames festival

The new skipper of SS Britain…? 

Oh blimey so much to talk about. The European Chammpionships, Adele at Glastonbury, the frigging weather. And what about that Referendum result? I’m still in a state of shock. I’m amazed at a poll in today’s newspapers that says that over 1 million people have come out and declared that they voted for Leave but were shocked to find out that we are actually now having to leave the EU. Apparently they were all secretly hoping for a Remain outcome. Eh?

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oh well…

I’ve been slack on keeping up with my blog postings of late. I’ve missed out on reporting on our short break  to New York (our first break outside Italy in 5 years), catching up with our great friends Marta and Shay and then our recent trips to Italy where we’ve had some earth tremor damage which has resulted in the collapse of our well. Here’s a shot of what’s left of the 6ft high structure that’s no longer a housing. We’re off there again over the next few days to sort out some landscaping and filling-in of the well which we can’t really spend time and money on recovering. Such is life in Italy. We also badly need to get the olive trees pruned  as I haven’t done it on 18 months. Our other great friends L &S came out last November to help us pick the fruit  and we had to do it in double-quick time and did really well in the time we had although the yield was a bit down on our great yield in 2009. But hey it’s about the product primarily and it was still unbelievably good oil. I’ll give you a proper Italy update when we get back. Ciao amici.


the drive down to Italy


Well we’re  back from an eventful short stay in Italy but more of that later.  I just wanted to write about the journey because

a) I always do and

b) I need to share all the little mishaps that always seem to happen to us on the trek to pasta land.

There’s an inevitability about this, a bit like groundhog giorno, and I can’t help but wonder if the Gods of Wicked Fun have now run out of other poor saps and just get their entertainment throwing curve balls our way. Ah well, it keeps me topped up with things to write about. Continue reading


Well that was quite a break from the blogging. I haven’t posted anything for exactly a month, not because I’ve had a writing block but just because we’ve been back to UK seeing family and friends on a kind of wedding occasion cum holiday and have simply been too busy to do any postings. Yeh right, who’s that busy eh? Fair enough – here’s the schedule below. So much to write about – I’m not sure I’ll get all the postings done this side of Xmas. But whilst we’ve been away we’ve gone through the 50K visits mark on the site. What can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you. I remain staggered and delighted that so many have come by to read this self-regarding ranting and raving. You must be mad, sad or unbelievably wonderful. Whatever, I think you’re just great.

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