You can’t always get what you want


Well the Stones got to play Glastonbury after 40 odd years. It’s a long time isn’t it? If you think back to the mid 60’s when the Stones broke through, it’s comparable to some guys sharing the stage with them who’d been big during WW1. Think of that! I watched them on the tv last night performing an hour of their set. Was it worth the wait?

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raise ya, why aye like

Paul S and I did a few great ‘arts for all’ nights at the Baltic arts centre on Tyneside. We couldn’t convince the company to do a ‘Tate Up North’ kinda deal so we had a smallish hospitality arrangement with the Baltic gallery which we loved to be honest. It was the combination of an iconic building (a former flour mill), a great location – over the beautiful blinking-eye bridge from the Tyne quayside, an extraordinarily free-form art policy and the brilliant girls who managed the commercial side of things then, J and F. They were just lovely. Plus, say it quietly, we really liked the Finance Director, AL, who was so supportive. If you’ve never been to Baltic go there. You’ll find the art fascinating. If you don’t like art, try the top floor restaurant; if you don’t like good food try the amazing high level bar; if you just want to meet lots of cool men/women try the ground floor bar; if you just like looking at something iconic – take some pictures from the Newcastle side of the quay; if you can’t be bothered with any of that, stay indoors and watch Brookside saddo.

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