clueless in cape town

That’s it Wayne, have a rant at the England fans. How shameful of them to boo the England team following the abject performance against Algeria last night after some 30,000 of them had spent £1000’s to come out to support you and the rest of the England team. I tell you what son, after your hopeless performance I would have been seriously minded to keep my mouth shut other than to apologise for playing possibly your worst match in an England shirt. And with that outburst I think we can see why you’ll never be fit  to fill the captain’s boots worn by the likes of Moore, Charlton, Adams etc. Continue reading



It’s one of the first words you learn in Italy; something every shopkeeper asks you. It means ‘Is that everything?’ or more simply, ‘Enough?’ And I think Capello has shown in the brevity of his meeting with the unapologetic and graceless Terry that he’d had enough of his tenure as captain. Rightly in my view Capello has said that the role is as much to do with what you do off the field as well as on it. And he acted decisively in correcting the decision he’d made two years ago. I have to say that the more I see of Capello the more I like him. He’s dour and stern-looking but he sure knows how to deal with these pampered charmless nitwits. Could you imagine Steve McClaren striking fear in the hearts of his players? Nah. But I bet you very few of them will want to cross Il Capo. Bravo!


absolutely fabio

So Fabio Capello is the new manager of England. I know there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth that it’s not an Englishman but come on is there really a better home-grown candidate out there? There were good shouts for Coppell and Redknapp but neither of them can show a CV which comes anywhere near to Capello’s. Then again Coppell didn’t want it and though Redknapp did, the recent incidents with the fraud squad made him untouchable so far as the FA is concerned. O’Neill is the best qualified home grown manager (of those who might have wanted the job but aren’t discounted by having done it before) by a mile but he’d been burned by the FA’s cack-handedness last time around and had no intention of dancing to their tune this time.

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