You can’t always get what you want


Well the Stones got to play Glastonbury after 40 odd years. It’s a long time isn’t it? If you think back to the mid 60’s when the Stones broke through, it’s comparable to some guys sharing the stage with them who’d been big during WW1. Think of that! I watched them on the tv last night performing an hour of their set. Was it worth the wait?

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festivals a l’italia

This posting originally formed part of an e-mail to friends in August 2006.

I’ve written earlier about the chestnut festivals which are big round here. But they aren’t the only harvest-type festivals celebrated in this part of Italy. In the early summer we had the strawberry festivals and then a flurry of birra and polenta/pasta events in all the surrounding villages. I like the fact that every town and village has its own festival of local produce climaxed with a short but brilliant fireworks display. From our bedroom balcony we get a private viewing of the displays all down our valley throughout the summer nights. There is a real sense of community and celebration, local pride and socialising. Nothing as engaging as this seems to take place in the UK or at least in Buckingham, where the whole town turns out, supports, eats, drinks and gets merry. And now we’ve come across the Godfather of local shows.

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