Forgetfulness and falconry

Well in the last posting about our mixed bag of a trip to Italy, I talked about how we failed to remember to take our house keys with us. It wasn’t the only thing we forgot as it happened.  We intended to take a new rug with us and several other things but somehow in our busy pre-trip schedule, they all got sadly forgotten. And upon returning we intended to bring several items back to the UK and in our haste, you’ve guessed it, we overlooked them too.  It’s clearly an age thing as C and I hurtle towards our bloody dotage. They’ll be feeding us baby food soon.

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Well, I had ideas for 3 postings spring into my head over the last day or so – pretty good ideas too I think – but as I sit here at my laptop I can’t remember any of them. This happens a lot. I tell my grandsons that I can remember my first day of school quite clearly but can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. They indulge me with their poor old daft grandad smiles as they think I’m kidding, But it’s true. And that line has just reminded me of what I was going to write about. Yesterday’s lunch. Ha, how’s that for irony Alanis? Continue reading

mr forgetful

I mentioned in a recent posting that I’d forgotten to take some pictures of the kids whilst they were here and how annoyed I was with myself. It’s not as if the boys are here very often and we’ll have no physical memories of their time here now. Then this morning I realised I hadn’t given E and S any of our olive oil to take home with them in the car. And they’d been good enough to save all their empty bottles for me.  To top it C had to remind me this morning that today is their 2nd wedding anniversary – I hadn’t said or done anything for them. Bloody hell.

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