Early morning scheduling

So as regular readers may know I’m a bit of a creature of habit. And one of the regular features in my life is the early morning routine. Carol and I are early risers and usually downstairs by 6.30am or so. It’s usually a cuppa for Carol then at one minute to 7am it’s Converse sneakers on and I pop out and over to the little Co-op store in the market square to be first through the door to go and pick up my morning paper, the i. And occasionally some milk. Continue reading


It’s eclectic!

At the risk of being accused of watching too much daytime TV, another thought occurred to me watching Frasier this morning. Have you nerticed how televsion sets and props are often an important character element in great sitcoms? Well I have.

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Unseen characters


My lovely wife C has discovered a new treat for me – titter ye not – it’s yoghurt. No not just any old yoghurt but a new brand from ‘The Collective Dairy’. Who? It sounds like some state-run farm in the People’s Democratic Republic of Wensleydale or some hippy dippy commune in the West country. In reality it’s probably a brand front for Nestle but I don’t care because it’s just deloverly, that is if you can find the stuff because it’s a bit of a hidden pleasure. ┬áIt comes in a variety of different flavours although to be honest I don’t much fancy the Russian Fudge which sounds like something Roman Abramovitch gets up to with his girlfriend (you can titter now dear readers).

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