Album Part 2

Just to let you know I’ve updated the Album posting with a bit more detail on why I made the particular selections. Check it out by following this linkĀ or pressing the previous button at the top of the page. I hope this helps turn it into more of a story rather than just a selection box and encourages you to let me know of one or two of your own favourite LPs and why. The hills are alive folks and what else are you doing eh?

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all right (then and) now

I opened a Xmas present today from an old friend, Tony, who worked with me at BT during RWC days. It was a DVD box set of one of my all time favourite bands, Free. Now I know that Led Zeppelin’s re-union was mega but if ever I’d like to see another band re-form it’s Free. Except of course that the lead guitarist in their hey-day, Paul Kossof, died from drugs during the 70’s. So far as I know the other band members Paul Rogers, lead singer, Andy Fraser, bass guitar, and Simon Kirke, drums, are all still around and enjoying life. Continue reading