Glad tidings from Frustrated upon Avon

Hello dear readers. A bit of a delay since my last mailing. I seem to make a habit of this these days. Sorry folks. But the thing is I’m still keen to blog but find it harder to find the motivation to write at the moment. Is that an age thing? It’s definitely not lack of subject matter, as you’re about to discover. The need to proceed without hassle burns as brightly as ever. But I rarely achieve it these days…

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Hospital drama

So regular readers will know several things about me; I have endless charm, I’m utterly modest, I had cancer several years ago and drama seems to follow me around like a Shakespearean lapdog. I’m delighted to tell you that all those features came out to play today at the West Middlesex Hospital, scene of all my great medical theatricals.

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A different rant


Well Hancock didn’t do the Gov briefing today so you’re all spared another posting about his pronouncements. Hurrah! However don’t worry, my infuriated levels remained very high today with a different subject. This time it wasn’t a disingenuous ┬ápolitician but my next favourite bete noire, the car insurance company. Grrr…..

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frustrating flying visit

I’ve just returned from a flying visit to the UK hoping to secure some new business. It wasn’t terribly successful as most of the people I’d arranged to meet suddenly decided they were unable to do so – though they only informed me once I’d escaped from Stalag Stansted. Whatever happened to manners in business eh? So after a frustrating couple of days I headed down to Brighton to catch up with E, S and our grandsons. Continue reading