grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, katydids and cicada!

Good afternoon readers and welcome to the 4th in the series of entomological online lectures on Italian insect life, following the huge interest in Ants!, Scorpions! and Midges, Mites and Mozzies! This time it’s the little buggers from the grasshopper family who are harmless enough except that, unwillingly I’m sure, they provide a constant supply of fast food for the local reptile population. And as regular readers will know, reptiles – especially the slithery legless variety – are my least favourite creatures. Continue reading

a week in the life of pasta paulie

Well it’s been one of those weeks. I was only writing a few days ago about how pleased we were with the extensive repairs to the extension and how good the house was now looking. Then earlier this week I noticed that a crack, albeit slight, had reappeared on both sides of the extension. Groan. It may be just settlement but we’ll see. Knowing our luck we’ll wake up one morning with the dining room in the pool. Continue reading