Weight gain

I bet you’re probably thinking that’s an honest and effective title – just two words to describe all that’s happened to my body shape since those heady slim days in the 70’s. Well I have to admit it’s true. But I did’t think you’d be terribly interested in knowing more about my physique. But I caught sight of another gainer whilst browsing day time tv yesterday. And boy have the timbers been added on.

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home improvements

Well it looks like the weather’s just changing here; the last couple of days have been very in and out and the temperature’s definitely cooled. Not that I suppose you care if you’re reading this in the UK after the summer (winter?) you’ve had there. But the good weather’s allowed us to catch up on some much-needed work in the garden and the house. Continue reading


Well I’d like to tell you that this is shot taken with my camera but it’s not. But we are pretty damn sure that one or more of these rascals has been visiting us recently at night. We had our neighbour P and her house guests James and Mary Lou over for drinks the other night and when ML went outside for a smoke she was convinced that she saw a large shape run off into the nearby bushes. The other night we were returning home from dinner out. I went round the back to open the door. We have no lights outside and it was pitch black – I was using the lit screen from my mobile phone to find the lock for the key – when I heard the sound of a largish animal running past and off into the nearby undergrowth….I nearly cacked my pants.

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Well I know I promised not to do any more gardening stuff (for a while) but I just wanted to show you one of the bloody weeds I pulled out from our ‘lawn’ yesterday. He put up such a fight that I felt like stringing him up like I’d just landed a tiger shark:-

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great grass, man

Well another great day here and I’ve spent most of the day in the garden. The back’s hurting now but I’m showered, feeling clean and revived and ready for tonight’s match which is being shown live here. Can’t wait to be honest. But that’s for later. Earlier today the Scruff monster was at the front door again. But this morning neighbour P and her son A came over for coffee. P’s a big dog lover and was being very affectionate towards the urchin (which is what he ‘s craving). When P and A left I wasn’t surprised to see Scruff march off with them. Maybe his allegiance had shifted. 5 minutes later I could hear P’s own dog – a large Afghan –  barking away. Either the fellahs were having great fun or  Scruff was now in pieces. Either way I was thinking my period of guardianship may be over….

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in giardino

Well it’s been an absolutely beautiful day here and so we decided to do some much-needed gardening. It really is in a bad state after our being away for over a year. I’ve just about run out of kindling for the fire so first off we collected up all the pruned branches from the olive trees still laying around. Then when I was chopping off all the leafy/twiggy  bits C was  rooting out all the tall weeds and crappy little trees that shoot up all over the place. It took us about 4 hours to pile up 3 huge  mounds of garden debris and a new stockpile of olive offcut kindling. The paesan work is highly satisfying as the garden is starting to look a little clearer. We’ve just had hot showers and come down stairs and now we are both feel as….. stiff as boards. Every frigging muscle in my body is screaming at me, What were you thinking???!!! Just typing this is proving a struggle. I’m just about to pop out to go and try and find somewhere open to buy some wine. Neighbour P is coming over for dinner. If we can stay awake that is.