Howdy Gaudi

I’m sure many readers will have been to the beautiful city of Barcelona and if you have, almost certainly you will have visited the incredible Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, designed by the quite brilliant architect Antoni Gaudi. As well as the church his very distinctive design style can be seen all over the city eg at Park Guell, Casas Mila/Battlo and loads of other places.  It’s so easy to label people as a genius these days. Christ I’ve seen the description applied to the  likes of Simon Cowell, Jose Mourinho and even Benny Hill. Smart, confident, funny perhaps but geniuses? Do me a favour. But in Gaudi’s case, it is completely justified.

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I came across a tv programme new to me this week; A Question of Genius. I imagined, rather stupidly, that it was going to examine the nature of genius and, you know, maybe look at the work of some of history’s great genii (if that’s the plural) – guys like Einstein, Da Vinci, Newton, Picasso, Brunel and Pele (ok, ok a subjective inclusion). You know, really thoughtful, fascinating stuff. Was it everything I hoped it would be? Er…no.  Continue reading