Specs bombs


I seem to be focused on an eyewear thing at the moment, or more precisely what not to eyewear. Two recent posts on my facebook pages:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1405906809638322&set=a.1390376631191340.1073741827.100006570487269&type=1 and https://www.facebook.com/paulleonard60/posts/1406856676210002?notif_t=like

– yes I’ve joined the social media revolution comrades – are about slightly odd specs choices, a thought which sets up this posting. And what I was thinking is, what is the link between an alleged Eastbourne serial killer and a host of top football managers?

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Well work on the house is going well. Tomorrow we have the pool guys coming to hopefully get the pool lining re-attached to the pool walls and in preparation for this we have to empty the deep end following the recent rainfall and to clean the remainder of the pool. We have no plug as such in the pool so it all has to be pumped out. It’s too much to do by bailing out with buckets so I was hoping to use the technique Ronato showed me when he came down with the tractor; the old syphon trick. Continue reading


I’ve been wearing glasses for, phew, probably 10 years now. I started with the reading glasses you get in Boots etc and self-tested on the reading card to get the right lenses. Once I got beyond 3x magnification I realised I had better get my eyes tested at the opticians and invest in some proper glasses. By this time I’d developed the habit of wearing the specs for close attention work; reading, using the computer etc, then shoving the glasses to the top of my head to speak to people and so on as I didn’t need the specs for distance viewing. Like this:

But I also developed the habit of taking the glasses off and putting them down – often leaving them somewhere, frequently losing them. This wasn’t such a bad problem when I was paying £10 for the reading glasses, but prescription glasses were considerably more expensive. It didn’t stop me losing them. Continue reading