Robben dud

There are one or two footballers I have found instantly unlikeable even though I don’t really know them. One has been Arjen Robben whose rolling dives in agony after the merest hint of body contact with an opposing full-back, used to make Didier Drogba blush. And they were team mates. I know this sounds callous but I used to wish that he’d payed against the likes of Stuart Pearce or Julian Dicks whose tackles often resulted in a flying winger ending up in Row C of the spectators. Ribs would be properly bruised when Psycho said hello. Anyway after a couple of seasons in the ‘brutal’ Premiership old Arjen took himself off to the gentler slopes of La Ligue where the Real fans decided he was a tosser too so off he toddled to the Bundesliga where he joined the great Bayern Munich. It’s not been a bad career for the Dutchman and he topped it with the winning goal in last season’s Champion’s League Final. And didn’t he celebrate… like a knob.

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