the joy of sport

Ah the moment when the Molinaris pulled a hole back on the 18th to square the match against the Americans to ensure that the European Ryder Cup team took 5 and a half points today to set up a 3 point lead going into tomorrow’s final day.  And they were 2 points down at the start of today. Marvellous stuff. And if that wasn’t enough,  homely Blackpool only went to Anfield this afternoon to play the mighty Liverpool and beat them deservedly 2-1 to confirm Liverpool’s status as a bottom 3 side. Who’d a thunk it eh? What can I say, it’s a fantastic day to be a sports fan if you’re a Europoolphile. Joy is tangerine coloured…..



big week for tv

Oh it’s been a huge televisual feast this last week alright. Last night it was the Baftas where we witnessed in the starry audience Avatar Director James Cameron surrounded by a territorial army of acolytes and flunkies. His retinue of minions picked up a couple of the early cheap awards for best lipstick and best outrageous skin colouring on an imaginary animated animal. And didn’t he look smug as he and new trophy wife anticipated an avalanche of Baftas falling into his arms. He doesn’t normally do less than 7 gongs at these events don’cha know? That’s to enable him to deliver the longest, most excruciating, humility-free acceptance speech where he praises every one of his many talents. Sadly Cameron was trumped by his ex-wife and fellow Director Kathryn Bigelow who garnered six of the big awards for her film The Hurt Locker. Cameron’s faced looked as tightly-pinched as a cat’s a**ehole as he bravely clapped (very slowly) whilst Biggers went up to collect HIS, sorry her, awards for Best Director and Best Film. Don’t you just feel proud to be awkward-arse British? Perfidious Albion, I love you. Continue reading

tiger feet…of clay!

Well I’ve so many things to write about and seemingly no time in recent weeks to get some postings done. So I’ve decided to have another splurge of pre-Xmas blogging. A couple of years ago I did 50 postings in the month of December which was great fun but I hardly saw my wife and family.  I’m not going to attempt to do that many again but I will try and catch up a bit; maybe one a day is a bit more realistic. The first subject up is Tiger Woods. Wo ho what a story eh. The golden boy, the paragon of virtue, the world’s most iconic sportsman, the greatest golfer there has ever been, the highest earner in world sport, the untouchable Tiger is…banging cocktail waitresses and his car into a tree and a fire hydrant (unable to choose between a wood and an iron no doubt) whilst being clubbed by his irate missus. Such fun.

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the saddest open

We had friends round yesterday for a late and lazy lunch. I haven’t drunk as much wine in ages and today I’ve felt pretty jaded to be honest. But first thing this morning I checked out the BBC sport website to find out how things worked out at the Open. I was rather hoping to find that Ross Fisher had won it and had had to miss the presentation ceremony to dash to be at his wife’s side as she was about to have a baby. It would have made for some great headlines – ‘Birth of an Open Champion’ and all that. And if Fisher hadn’t won it then I would have been almost as happy to see fellow Englishman Lee Westwood win his first Open.  But if truth be told I was kind of hoping to read that Tom Watson had defied sporting logic to win his 6th Open at the age of 59. 

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It was sad enough to learn that one of my heroes Paul Newman died recently. This morning I was reading that Seve Ballesteros is in hospital following a dizzy spell and partial epileptic fit, which looks certain to be caused by a brain tumour. The biopsy is tomorrow and I wish him a speedy recovery but it doesn’t sound hopeful does it? I admired him enormously, not just because he was a superbly gifted and brilliant golfer but also because he played (well at least before his back problems developed) with a  huge smile on his face and because he dared to believe that some poor kid from Spain could become a Grand Slam Champion and, subsequently, that Europe’s players could beat the seemingly invincible Americans at the Ryder Cup. He taught his peers that anything was possible. And he was right. Continue reading

faldo; captain not very sensible?

I’m not sure Faldo’s going to come through as a successful European team captain as we look forward to the final day of the Ryder Cup. He’s been an odd choice to me and he’s done very little so far during the event that’s impressive or inspirational.

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poulter; the unfathomable Ryder Cup selection

Well they all said that Nick Faldo’s appointment as The European Ryder Cup team captain would prove controversial. He’s never been liked by many of his peers and last night he demonstrated even more capacity to upset the golfing fraternity by selecting his one close mate on the circuit, Ian Poulter, to be one of his two wild card picks for the Ryder Cup team. Whilst most people would applaud his selection of Paul Casey for the other wild card, there has been almost universal disbelief at Poulter’s selection over the claims of Darren Clarke and Colin Montgomerie. Continue reading

ian poulter ties with tiger?

Er.. not quite. After all that pre-Dubai Desert Classic stuff about him becoming a rival (indeed the only one!) to Tiger, what happened?

Well Tiger won the event and a really awful Aladdin’s lamp of a trophy, hauntingly overtaking ‘the big easy’ Ernie Els at the final 18th. That was his 7th victory in 8 starts this season. The guy’s just phenomenal and proves it week in week out. So where did our Ian come? I make it joint 39th. Way to go E! Here’s the deal: Tiger has a points lead over the world’s no2 Phil Mickelson as big as Mickelson has over the guy ranked 1000th in the world. He is that far ahead of everybody in the world, including IP – in fact, a bit further of course.

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