ian poulter ties with tiger?

Er.. not quite. After all that pre-Dubai Desert Classic stuff about him becoming a rival (indeed the only one!) to Tiger, what happened?

Well Tiger won the event and a really awful Aladdin’s lamp of a trophy, hauntingly overtaking ‘the big easy’ Ernie Els at the final 18th. That was his 7th victory in 8 starts this season. The guy’s just phenomenal and proves it week in week out. So where did our Ian come? I make it joint 39th. Way to go E! Here’s the deal: Tiger has a points lead over the world’s no2 Phil Mickelson as big as Mickelson has over the guy ranked 1000th in the world. He is that far ahead of everybody in the world, including IP – in fact, a bit further of course.

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ian poulter, eh

I did a posting about Ian (Poulter; pretty in pink) back in the summer. He wore an outfit that even Katie Price might have been embarrassed to wear, at the Scottish Open, to promote his new clothing range. He spent so much time doing promotional stuff that week he forgot about winning the tournament that was so within his grasp. I have a thing about that kind of footballer’s attitude – I earn £100k a week who gives a sh*t about the frigging FA Cup – that I have to react against it a little. Like they care what I think. It doesn’t matter; I still feel it.

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Poulter; pretty in pink?

Is it just me or is Ian Poulter becoming the sporting Karl Lagerfeld? In case you don’t know Poulter is one of England’s best golfers. He has a penchant, a bit like Lagerfeld, for sporting blonde-enhanced hair and regulation clothes of the trade, but significantly exaggerated. So we see couturier Lagerfeld wearing those trademark sunglasses and odd ‘Goodfellahs’ shirts with narrow collars and big showing cuffs. Poulter’s almost as well known for his pretty sensational golfing gear which has included Union Jack trousers, Stars and Stripes trousers (both hideous), Ryder Cup images on his kecks, highly co-ordinated plus four combos and a lot more. He’s a golfing dandy from Milton Keynes and a gooner fan. He’s even sported the redcurrant (is that a colour?) celebration Arsenal shirt on the tour. But today I saw something pretty wild on my tv screen worn by the Poultmeister.

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