the bbc – big barrowload of contradictions

We’re heading back to the delights of Italian TV very shortly. I’ve mocked it many times but I tell you what, the situation at the BBC is getting just as bad. You’d think after all that furore over the Queen’s documentary, then the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand debacle they’d be pulling out all the stops to prevent any further on-air howlers. Well on Sunday evening something was pulled out all right; John Barrowman’s ‘fruit and nuts’. By all accounts that’s ‘all it was’ – presumably he spared us the dairy milk. Continue reading


farewell parky, thank goodness

Did you happen to see the final interviews on the Parkinson show on Saturday night? What did you think? I thought it was all a touch indulgent and a bit sad really. Not because he’s going but because it looked like a tired format which had long overrun its time – an old silver-haired guy chatting to 3 other grey-haired old geysers whose conversations were re-hashes of previous chats. Then a change in pace with a less-than challenging chat with David Beckham followed by ‘young’ Peter Kay, whose routine was just embarrassing. Dressing Parkinson up as a lollypop man wasn’t exactly cutting edge. Then a song tribute from Dame Judy and a 2 minute chat with her which was hi-jacked by Billy Connolly, which was immediately followed by… a song tribute from Dame Edna with both songs trying futilely to find a decent rhyme with Parky. Now if Dame Judy had sung about the ‘flirt from Yorkshire who chats… whilst he porks yer’ I’d have shown more interest.

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