the FIA – Ferrari’s Interests Above-all?

Because we live in Italy I’d better be careful how I phrase this but I can’t help but believe the FIA has pulled yet another stroke in their determination to assist Ferrari to win the F1 World Championship at the expense of McClaren and Lewis Hamilton.  Did you watch the event yesterday? – probably one of the best races I’ve seen in years with Hamilton finally winning after a thrilling tussle with Raikonnen’s Ferrari. Continue reading


Well I think my recent postings on the blog have been a little down-beat so time to lighten things a bit with a real munter of an ad I saw whilst watching Sunday’s Grand Prix. It’s the latest from ING the asset managemnent company (I think) who have become major backers of the Renault F1 team. As with all companies who get involved with motorsport sponsorship, they can’t resist doing a corporate ad with the cars/drivers as the core theme. Remember that howler from Santander bank? Well this latest from ING is a lulu.

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