I love great tv ads

The problem is I haven’t seen any lately. I wrote recently about the incessant and annoying gocompare ads and the cynicism of the Louise and Jamie Redknapp ad for Thomas Cook holidays (like they would ever be seen on one). Now another cluster of intelligence-insulting adverts has come along. Firstly the latest in a long line of new creative treatments for Halifax Bank which is their current attempt, I think, to show actual bank workers promoting the company’s products and services. But instead of ┬ápicking on an unlikely hero figure in the style of Howard ‘owl-glasses’ Brown (what’s he doing now?), they’ve gone for what appears to be a staff-run Halifax Bank radio station. I know it sounds ridiculous (who would ever listen to it?) but I think that’s the idea because in all honesty it’s a tad mystifying to know exactly what’s going on. Continue reading