really crap movies

Well since I’m on a dvd kick at the moment I thought I’d let you know of two movies which are total and utter crap just in case you get invited to watch them. One I watched last night, the other we bought recently at our local supermarket here. It was in the sales offer bin and I now know why. Film one – Beaches- one of my daughter’s favourites. It stars Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, neither of whom appear to have done anything since.

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clooney comes clean

There was a nice report in the Independent today about honesty in actors. Several were very candid; Sir Anthony Hopkins suggesting that ‘acting is easy’, Hugh Grant confesssing he ‘can’t do Chekov’, Alec Baldwin admitting ‘stars are greedy’ and so on. But the most disarming reflection was George Clooney’s admission that his attempt at Batman was so lousy it ‘killed the franchise’.

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spurs v arsenal: the movie

Word reaches me that the British Film Foundation and Miramax are willing to back the production of the movie ‘5-1!’ celebrating Spurs’ incredible win over Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi-final. Announcing the film, emotional director Sir Dickie Attenborough, said that ‘Although he was a lifelong Chelsea fan, he was moved to tears by the joy of watching a great football match with six cracking goals, and a crowd absolutely enthralled by the spectacle. It’s a long time since anything like that happened down the Bridge’ he sighed. But he perked up when announcing the cast list for what is sure to be the summer blockbuster, when English soccer fans will be pining for some football action. Continue reading

shirley maclaine

She’s 73 and quite beautiful still but Shirl’s one wacko girl. I’ve just been reading a review of her new book Sage-ing While Age-ing which by all accounts features a little of her life (she’s put it about a bit) and a lot about her beliefs in UFOs and reincarnation and stuff. Umm. I ought to be fair and suspend comment until I’ve properly read the book but I’m not sure it’s going to be my kind of thing to be honest. This is the woman who acted brilliantly in the Apartment and had major successes in Terms of Endearment (which is one of my wife’s favourite films and I’ve endured it many times) and Steel Magnolias. Let’s face it she specialises in the roles women can absolutely relate to but which men find mawkish but I admire her ability to still be in demand as an actress when most would have faded into obscurity. She always plays feisty and strong roles and she’s clearly a determined woman with strong views. I ought to like her a lot (and probably would do if I met her – as if) but she’s got some bloody weird beliefs.

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