Days off…and all that

So  a couple of weeks ago whilst Caz was having an eye op in a clinic in Milton Keynes I popped down the road to IKEA to buy a picture frame to house some poster images I’d found online of a few of the best concerts I’d ever witnessed; Led Zeppelin playing at Aberystwyth (it’s so true), Springsteen at Villa Park, Tina Turner at Woburn and Hendrix at Blackpool’s Winter gardens. I know it sounds as likely as Hancock apologising for being such an arrogant twat, but it truly happened. And he shared the bill with Pink Floyd, The Nice (EL&P), The Move, Amen Corner and Eire Apparent. What a line up.

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Chip off the old block

Despite the fact that Hancock continues to be a finger-pointing knob, worthy of continuing criticism, I promised my old friend and beloved Italy neighbour John, that my next posting would be a bit less ranty and a touch lighter (you’ll see what I did there shortly). And the best subject to have a smile at is my mum’s eldest son.  I wouldn’t exactly say he’s a knob too but if he senses that a product refund might be possible, he’s like a terrier with two dicks.  Continue reading

Ikea names I like

Well earlier this week we went to Ikea in Neasden (which is just about the least likely place to stick an iconic Scandinavian design brand) to buy a high chair for our young grandson. We got the legs and the seat but the tray was out of stock. So yesterday we made the journey again hoping that the millions of people away on holiday might make the journey around the north circular a little less arduous. We set off at 12.30 and got home at 6.30pm. Arghh!

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