reality tv; the public’s revenge

Now come on, why would you want to vote for a sorry old bloke who can’t sing and looks like a refugee from a hippy colony in a high-profile talent competition? Because I sense the public have had enough of the squabbling (amongst the judges!) and being milked by the likes of Simon Cowell and his blessed record/music business. And they are voting for Wagner at the expense of far better singers in the hope, I believe, that they can secure a very unlikely (and in Cowell’s case presumably highly unwelcome ) winner of the X Factor. ┬áDo you think Simon and Syco Music will fancy their chances of a Xmas No1 next year with this Brazilian sherbert?

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and another thing

Whilst I’m on the subject of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, did any of you catch this weekend’s News of the World? No? It’s front page no less brandished a picture of 3rd place jungle mate and singer Cerys Mathews in her undies showing more bum than was advisable. Why? I don’t know, well I do know but I cannot pretend to justify it. She had a fling in the jungle with some unknown bloke from one of the soaps and felt like she had to share her feelings with us in her panties. Why not love? It’s probably the natural way to want to express yourself. And of course we got her love-mate’s expression of his undying love for her too, proclaiming that he wants her to have his babies. Fortunately he managed to keep his togs on.

Is it just me or is it a sad thing when the most important news feature in the whole world justifying a front page splash is this piece of nonsense. It’ll last a month before he’s off with some footballer’s ex-missus and she’s off with some cameraman, with a S African accent. Give me strength.