So here’s a picture our little hometown of Brackley taken by a funky company called Access All Aerials, Bicester who use the latest drone technology to deliver high-quality aerial photography/videography, surveying and 3-D mapping. Their cool owner lets me use the image if I reciprocate with accreditation. It’s a happy arrangement and I was able to share it with one of my local clients who was building a local town-based information platform. Anyway here’s the image taken just as dusk is falling and I really like it…

You can see how the town is bounded like a red wine glass by the A422 heading west towards Banbury and the M40, and by the A43 to Northampton and the M1 on the east side. At the bottom of the town you can see the Tesco complex to the left and all that to the right of the little black mini roundabout is the home of the mighty Mercedes F1 team. Our lovely local lake which we walk around a lot is to the left hand side and you can just about make out the 1000 or so new houses which have been added at the top end of the town extending into the distance. ¬†There’s a discernible business district on the eastern boundary. It’s a neatly-balanced little town I think. The old bit, where we live, is naturally the bit at the heart of the picture with the illuminated market square area. ¬†And it’s there that this posting is focused.

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