another interview

Well the Mike Parry-Sir Bobby Robson interview seemed to go down OK so I thought I’d follow up on a couple of the suggestions for further guests. This time a spoof BBC interview conducted by the master of the convoluted question Garth Crooks and the ever available Graham Taylor whose penchant for stating the bleeding obvious is obvious to everyone except the BBC it seems…

‘Good morning everyone this is Garth Crooks here and my guest today is Graham Taylor, ex Watford (twice), Aston Villa and England manager of course. Good morning Graham – indeed is it acceptable to say that at a time approaching noon or would a simple welcome Graham be more appropriate to the time (which as I speak has just turned midday I notice) Graham? Er what was the question Garth? Actually I haven’t asked one yet Graham – well I did in so far as enquiring about the most apt way to introduce you, though it was slightly rhetorical in its phrasing. Ah, right Garth…an awkward silence ensues. Continue reading

Debbie does Moyles

My regular newspaper is the Independent and I always enjoy reading the Deborah Ross interview in the Saturday magazine. Yesterday’s feature was an interview with Chris Moyles, who as you’ll know from previous postings, isn’t my favourite radio personality. But I was intrigued to find out how DR viewed him – she writes as she finds but always allows her subjects the opportunity to have their say about themselves. Often their own words are the most telling. The first headlined quote from him, for example, was ‘there are people who think I’m rude and nasty, but I don’t think I am’. It kind of set the tone for the piece. Continue reading