the bbc – big barrowload of contradictions

We’re heading back to the delights of Italian TV very shortly. I’ve mocked it many times but I tell you what, the situation at the BBC is getting just as bad. You’d think after all that furore over the Queen’s documentary, then the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand debacle they’d be pulling out all the stops to prevent any further on-air howlers. Well on Sunday evening something was pulled out all right; John Barrowman’s ‘fruit and nuts’. By all accounts that’s ‘all it was’ – presumably he spared us the dairy milk. Continue reading


the rise of the barrowman

Is it just me or have you noticed a new phenomenon on the UK entertainment scene – the seemingly non-stop appearances of John Barrowman. Who he? Well I knew nothing of him until grandson S pointed him out to me on his favourite programme Doctor Who, from which he moved to a starring role in the DW spin-off Torchwood. After that he was in his element as one of the excitable judges on the BBC’s camp-fest search for a new Joseph, Any Dream Will Do.

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