One of the things that WordPress provides you with as blog site host is a bunch of daily stats about visits to your site, links through and search terms that people use in finding your site. There are certain search words that come up every day. I once did a posting about Fern Britton and Carol Vorderman entitled Sexy Ladies and unsurprisingly that’s one search expression which features a lot in my inbound list (and right across the internet I’d guess).

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gaunty; it’s all gone quiet over there

Some interesting football results over the weekend; the top 4 in the Premiership are all looking formidable and it’s shaping up for a great second half to the season. But the best result for me was Blackpool’s 4-0 thrashing of the Gaunt meister’s favourite team, Coventry. I was looking forward to checking in to Talksport this morning to hear Gaunty’s  words of wisdom on this defeat. It all seems a long time ago  since he was crowing over the win over Man U  in the Carling Cup. But sadly he wasn’t broadcasting today. I don’t know if that’s because of holiday, sickness or the blues (what a great nickname for the club) but I feel cheated Gaunty not to hear you try and ignore the result….!  Ah well.  The Blues have found a new owner – Ray Ranson – the man who’s tried to buy them all over the years but I hope he brings your club some success now…that they’ve played the Pool!


gaunty: ska/punk rock v cock-rock

Well early reports suggest that last night’s concert at the O2 by Led Zeppelin was pretty damn good. After 19 years apart you’d expect a little ring-rustiness. But all indications are that it was good enough to take out on the road. Hurrah! I was a little surprised to see Jimmy Page’s shock of white/grey hair and how ironic that the only guy to have lost his hair is Jason Bonham, son of the legendary Zep drummer John Bonzo B. I also can’t help thinking that Robert Plant who in his younger years was as handsomely chiselled as any man ought to be, has become a 10/10 lookie likey for Wurzel Gummidge. But if he can still charm women as attractive as Alison Krauss into the studio, who am I to talk? So universal approval then? Not quite, I just happened to catch the back end of Talksport’s John Gaunt comments this morning rubbishing the whole event. Continue reading

gaunty and cov

Well Gaunty’s had a bad week; there was all that nonsense with the Euro MEP calling him racist during a heated debate from an OB feature at the European parliament the other day, then his beloved football team Coventry City announce they’re on the verge of going into administration (unless the Ray Ranson consortium can come up with the necessary buy-out investment).

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gaunty v the moyles

I was listening to redneck radio the other morning and heard John Gaunt, the Talksport mid-morning shock-jock, having a pop at Radio 1’s early show darling Chris Moyles. By all accounts this is a media scrap which has been brewing for a while. They’ve both accused the other of being sensationalist (though naturally they both used smaller words) and basically unworthy of hogging so much precious air-time. Talk about pot and kettle.

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