┬áDeep joy; more Chelsea success


Well it’s all football headlines at the moment but this could be my last on the subject in this current spell. So Chelsea win the Europa League trophy. Ho hum. I’m delighted that it’s an English winning team of course but they should really have been whupped last night if Benfica had had a fox in the box. The thing is they are a joyless bunch and I find it very hard to take any delight in their success or like and admire anything about them. Continue reading


It’s one of the first words you learn in Italy; something every shopkeeper asks you. It means ‘Is that everything?’ or more simply, ‘Enough?’ And I think Capello has shown in the brevity of his meeting with the unapologetic and graceless Terry that he’d had enough of his tenure as captain. Rightly in my view Capello has said that the role is as much to do with what you do off the field as well as on it. And he acted decisively in correcting the decision he’d made two years ago. I have to say that the more I see of Capello the more I like him. He’s dour and stern-looking but he sure knows how to deal with these pampered charmless nitwits. Could you imagine Steve McClaren striking fear in the hearts of his players? Nah. But I bet you very few of them will want to cross Il Capo. Bravo!


john terry’s secret’s out

So the captain of the England team has been banging his team mate and great friend Wayne Bridge’s partner. What a class act eh. I wrote back on 26 March 2008 (Cap’n Rio posting) that I thought John Terry would make a lousy choice for the captaincy because of his boorish personality. Since being appointed the dutiful husband and proud father of two youngsters has been witnessed drunkenly urinating on a nightclub floor, been accused of accepting cash incentives to take fans around Chelsea’s private training facilities, been embarrassed to ‘discover’ that his agent was hawking his England captaincy credentials around the internet in the search for more personal sponsors, seen his mother accused of shoplifting and father accused of cocaine dealing. Now it seems that he’s lost the respect of his club team mates and all the key England squad members for breaking the last of the moral codes of the professional footballer; and let’s face it its not exactly the world’s longest book is it? It saddens me to think that a near-neanderthal is ‘gracing’ the post once held with such pride and class by the inimitable Booby Moore. Surely the time has come for the FA and manager Capello to remove Terry from the captaincy if not the team. Let me know what you think.