kids’ xmas presents; they don’t make ’em like they used to.

We’ve been enjoying looking at presents for the kids and even for someone as young as S at 5 years of age, it’s amazing how much technology is starting to dominate the present scene. He’s still just about young enough to want castles and forts and dungeons and knights and things but increasingly it’s going to be wii, nintendo and play station stuff that he longs for. That’s a great shame I think because not only does it take away that sense of physicality (fans of wii may argue here, but it ain’t the same as the real thing) but also creativity and imagination, that was always the best part of any great pressie. Riding a new bike, playing with a new football, building with lego/meccano were mind and body stretching. I’m not sure kids get the same stimulus with computer games and the like. Maybe it’s just me being resistant to change.

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