we had juninho; who’s got mourinho?

Well after some whither and hither, it looks certain now that the special one’s off to Real Madrid. I’m always reluctant to say I told you so (ha!) but  I really did you know back on 21 September 2007 in the surreal bit of crystal ball gazing blog entitled ‘Forecasting’ (https://pastapaulie.wordpress.com/2007/09/21/forecasting). Alright so I was a little premature, possibly not for the first time, but he got there in the end. It might just be the best signing Snr Perez has made. Will this preoccupy him enough to stop him angling to replace Sir Alex now? I doubt it but with luck he could raid the Chelsea and Liverpool locker-rooms now. Come on Jose go do your stuff.


ps congrats to my long-suffering mate JP as Millwall finally won a play-off final match today to secure a place in the Championship. It won’t be long before Blackpool are back there but let’s enjoy the moment eh J!

Louis, who he?

I heard this morning that Jose Mourinho has issued a come and get me statement to the FA saying he’d welcome the chance to be the next England manager. I’m not sure I believe it to be honest, surely he’s got at least one more big club job to try first. And don’t forget I forecast his departure from Chelsea and appointment at Real back in the summer (albeit it very tongue in cheek!). But if he’s serious that’s interesting. What’s not so interesting but is amusing was Louis van Gaal’s announcement yesterday that he has a release clause in his contract with AZ Alkmaar (they’re big) allowing him to go for major international jobs. Well thank you very much Louis. I know you’ve had a crack at Barcelona and Ajax before now but don’t you think your stocks fallen a little since then? From AZ to FA is surely a leap of faith even Brainiac Barwick wouldn’t attempt. Isn’t it….?