All I want for Xmas is…….

Well, I’ve written before about the mass of junkmail we receive each morning with several top up deliveries intermittently during the day. In fact it was on 8 December 2009 when I wrote about it last (see posting Location, location, location), and if I’d kept all the direct mail crap that had been posted through our letter box since then I could have opened my own paper mill. But this morning something plopped through the letter box so awful it could become a classic of the junk genre. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Xmas gift catalogue from some mob called Oh what a claim. Now ordinarily I’d chuck this out without a glance but something made me have a sneek and what joys are contained therein. It’s not that the gifts are of stunning quality; there are literally thousands of them and they are almost all utterly crap. I’ve seen carney fairground stall holders that would baulk at having to use some of this tat as prizes for punters scooping up a plastic duck with a hook on a stick or for scoring over 21 by hitting 3 different playing cards with some crappy arrows.  Continue reading


location, location, location

Well it’s been a couple of days since I had a bit of a rant so I’d better make amends or folks will think I’ve shed the grumpiness. I haven’t really don’t a posting yet on our recent move to Teddington. We love it here; it’s got everything we want as  a location to stay when we’re in the UK – closeness to one daughter and son-in-law (and others on the way hopefully), access to some fine shops, great transport links into C London, closeness to C’s workplace, fabulous location between the Thames and ancient Bushey park, some great restaurants and bars and a friendly villagey atmosphere. In fact everything that Buckingham wasn’t. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is the capital city for junk mail. We get bloody tons of it popped through the letterbox virtually everyday. This lot arrived just this morning:

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