daytime tv

Well normal service has been resumed dear readers. I was chatting to my brother about the fact that we’d both had cause to watch rather a lot of daytime tv recently (I’m still doing!) and he suggested it would make a good topic for a posting. I considered doing a critical look at the grim state of one or two of the daytime programmes but decided against it on the grounds that there’s just too much choice. So instead I’ve decided to do something completely different – a pp phrase book of some new words coined by the popularity of afternoon telly and a few of its more well-known presenters. Please feel free to add to the list.

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britain’s got talent…less kerry and peter

One of my favourite ways of passing a spare 5 minutes in my humdrum life is to catch up on the latest sleb news by reviewing the headlines on the weekly celebrity mags when I’m buying my paper. It’s a guilty secret of mine. I love all that ‘Katie and Alex in break -up shock’, ‘Denise falls off the wagon – again!’, ‘Fern shows off her bikini body’ stuff. But I was alarmed to read some recent headlines suggesting that the dopiest pair of slebprats, Kerry Katona and Peter Andre, were ‘becoming’ an item. Umm. Continue reading

get her out of here!

I don’t know if you caught the end of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (for US readers it’s a reality tv show involving low grade UK Celebrities holed up in the Australian jungle eating bugs, kangaroo testicles and other titbits) but it was as predictable as sin don’t you think? Everybody’s favourite panto Dame and Camp Freddy impressionist the mighty Biggins beat uber bitch model from the US, Janice Dickinson, to the title of King of the Jungle. Yawn. What pleased me about the result was that it not only brought an end to this tiresome charade but it also mercifully killed off the crap bumper ad breaks from programme sponsors Iceland. In case you don’t know these featured ex IACGMOOH jungle mates Jason Donovan and the talentless porker Kerry Katona.

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unlikeable lassies

I think most people who know me will appreciate that there aren’t many women I don’t like – as a sex I find them fascinating. Men are simple souls and it’s easy to know who’s good company and who isn’t; who I like and who I don’t. I’ve got around 20 good friends who are blokes and that’s pretty much as many as I need. Women though are different; they’re subtle, complex, vulnerable but strong, deep, generously-spirited, engaging and v different. Not sure I’ll ever fully understand women but I like them. Clothes shopping and watching major sporting occasions with them is trying (and being married with 3 grown-up daughters means I’ve done a lot of that) but I still wouldn’t want to not have women in my life for longer than an hour or so. So why is that that some women drive me nuts? Continue reading